We transform companies using APIs

We are experts in developing and define APIs into cloud world using the most advanced methods as DevOps, Big Data, Cloud, Micro Services, noSQL, IA... we are working hard to put the APis into the center of digital transformation.

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We are specialists in developing and consuming APIs from third parties. If you want to set up a government in Apis, we are your company.

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Desarrollo front

We are specialists in API architectures, developing the fron layer since this inception (design/UX) and implementing it in the most demanded technologies.

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Consultoría Cloud / DevOps

We are specialists on migrate and keep systems cloud using DevOps Techniques.

+50 Apis

Java, .NET, node.js, Go

+100 máquinas en AWS

VPN, S3, EFS..

+30 Web Apps

AngularJS, Angular, Ionic, vue.js

Algunos proyectos

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We manage the infrastructure in AWS of the largest travel store in the world.


We develop the digital transformation application of the largest distributor in Spain of HORECA products.


Desarrollamos la mayor aplicación de recursos humanos
de España para la consultora de recursos humanos más 
    tecnológica del mundo.



We develop web apps and APIs for one of the most importan companies in Spain on the energy management.


We develop web apps for the biggest financial aggregator in Europe.

Interaction Mobile

Llevamos la administración de sistemas de la empresa que desarrolla la aplicación de MasterChef y las aplicaciones  
    móviles de Televisa.

Algunos clientes

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Nuestras soluciones IoT

With our Big data and IoT solutions we were able to pick up more than 14 million tracks over the Mobile World Congress 2017.

Nuestras sedes

 Una gran familia a lo largo del mundo

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Lima, Perú


    Sedial is a solution that allows any business achieve with the regulation of the technical sheets and be able to manage prices with providers on a very easy way.

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