Cloud services

We develop the best architecture for your business.

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We have been managing AWS machines and services for more than 3 years under a DevOps philosophy with certified personnel.

Google Cloud Platform

We know hoy to obtain the most of the Google architecture,  both  in the Google Apis as in the AppEngine or his API Manager, Apigee, from who we are partners and hace certified people.

IBM Bluemix

 Desarrollamos apps y apis para nuestros clientes en Bluemix, desarrollamos gobiernos de Apis sobre IBM Api Connect, utilizamos las Apis de Watson con personal certificado.

Microsoft Azure

We manage Azure infrastructure and develop apps on their PaaS. We define and develop API governments on the API Manager.

Listado de servicios

Cloud Addicts


We define your CPD on the Cloud, Definimos tu CPD en el Cloud, defining the security policies and the best architecture for your systems.

Servicios Cloud

We work with the best, AWS, Google, Azure and IBM.

Base de datos noSQL

We work with all kind of data bases noSQL, such as Redis, CloudSearch and MongoDB.



Servidores de aplicaciones

We manage all kind of servers such as  JBOSS, Tomcat, IIS, LAMP, Node...

Servidores de base de datos

Especializados: SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL

Sistemas Operativos

We work with the principal operative systems such as Ubuntu Server, Red Hat, Centos and Windows Server