a great team.

This are the first 8 basic bases of our company:

  1. We are APIAddicts, we don´t do anything that isn´t applicable.

  2. We are CloudAddicts, All of our products are design to work perfectly on the cloud.

  3. We like innovation. We are not afraid to prove new technologies.

  4. We have the agility as a basic base of the company. 

  5. Continuos improvement is our filosophy.

  6.  Transparency is the base of our relationship as a team and through our clients.

  7. We do not like hierarchy, we grow up together.

  8. The team must participate on all the project fases, since the start until the delivery. 

Nuestro equipo

Our Team

Adrián Colom
Backend Developer
Adrian Palanques
Backend Developer
Agustin Carmona Parrado
Desarrollador Front-end
Alberto González
Desarrollador Front-end
Alex Tomas
Front Developer
Aroa Fabregat Marqués
Jefe de proyecto
Asier Fernández
Product Owner
Carole Neyra
Reponsable de rrhh
Daniel Chía Aguilar
Backend Developer
Daniel Jerez
David Fernández Martínez
David Marín
API Expert
Eduardo Xalabarder
Título del trabajo
Gonzalo García
Front Developer
Isidoro de La Vieja
Arquitecto APIs
Ivan Amat
Backend Developer
Javier Gómez Cañego
Backend Developer
Javier López Rubio
Desarrollador Front-end
Javier Miguel Chacón
Backend Developer
Jesús Vallejo García
Full Stack Developer
Jorge Aranda
Full Stack Developer
Juan Eduardo Lingan Cubas
Arquitecto Javascript
Juan Pedro Pinar Alonso
Desarrollador Front-end
Laura Mendoza León
Marco Antonio Sanz
Marcos Chacón Cadenas
Desarrollador APis
Oriol Joan Brau Castel
Backend Developer
Pablo Manuel Sanchez Trujillo
Backend Developer
Rafael Goterris Perales
Tania Carrillo Aguirre
Tecnica de Marketing
Tino Gutiérrez Fernández
Desarrollador Front-end