¿You dont have enough memory?

The mobiles of today usually have the sufficient capacity to br going behind deleting data, photos, videos, archives, etc.. All that harms us at the right moment to make the best photo of the world just by saying "Full storage, please delete files.." Okay, okay. We have understood it. 

Here we have some advice that can help you if you have a 16 GB phone.

Three ways to optimize your memory

Añadir un gran eslógan

"Apps" Pre- installed 

When we buy a phone, the apps that come with it can slow down the operative system making decrease the quality that is why, we recommend to delete or block this applications, in other ways also helps you to save some space.

Versions 'lite'

Today we have the eternal fight between companies to improve the apps, thinking in those who hace a 16 GB or less phone. That is why it exists the "lite" version to show the same characteristics but in a way that doesnt consumes that much of capacity in the phone.

Unisntalling is better than deleteing

 We have the option to delete those aplications that we dont use with frequency, it improves the performance and increases the storage capacity.

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